How to get your external IP address in five letters

I was setting up a VPN client on a server and found myself querying my external IP address quite often (to check whether I was connected to the VPN or not).

As you know, curl or curl will give you your external IP. (You did know that, right? If not, congratulations, your life as a sysadmin has just become easier!) However, we can make that even shorter by simply using bash’s aliasing ability. Just type into your terminal session:

alias extip="curl"

And now you can simply:

$ extip

I prefer to call it efficiency, rather than laziness.

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HP 2509m weight: 7.7 kg

There seem to be a number of different figures floating around the web for the weight of the HP 2509m monitor.

I decided it would be easiest to just put mine on a scale. It read 7.7 kilograms (with the stand attached).

Hope this helps anyone who has this display and needs to know its weight (like I just did). BTW, the screen is also known as the HP Pavilion 2509m.

Oh no! Change!

I changed the title of my blog to better reflect the contents. (‘Cause I gotta admit, I don’t update this thing a whole lot.) Oh, and the email subscription thingee is gone and I removed the link to my Twitter as well (I never update that thing either…)


So. I have a blog now.

I guess it’s rude of me not to introduce myself. I’m Jamy. (Hi!) I’m a 16-year-old dude who, as of now, has a blog.

What will I blog about? I honestly don’t know either. I spend most of my time behind a screen, so at least some of my posts will probably be about tech-related stuff. But computers are not the only thing in my life, so there will probably be other stuff as well.

We’ll see. It’ll be fun!